Business Trips

I’ve never been one accompany my husband on business trips, even if he only made a handful of such trips over the past several years. The few times I attempted it were not pleasant for either of us. I spent all day waiting for him to be done, desperate—after the novelty of rest wore off—for some occupation or attention. When he finished working, he wanted to rest, not go out. It wasn’t a good combination.
But with his travel time increasing and our children at home decreasing, we’ve been wondering what this meant for us. And his recent trip to DC proved a chance to find out.
What we discovered amazed us. We had a great time! While he worked, I worked. When he finished for the day, we were both ready for a break, with neither of us desiring anything extravagant. I didn’t feel neglected. He didn’t feel pressured to entertain me.
Of course we will still have a child at home for the next two years, but this experiment gives us new vision for the future. And at a time where our situation in life is changing rapidly, we needed that.
Have you been given a taste of something new for your future, a glimpse behind the curtain of the possibilities to come?