Cherry Blossom Capers

I’m not usually a novella reader. Or a contemporary romance reader. But since two wonderful writers I know–Cara Putman and Gina Conroy–comprised half of the novella collection Cherry Blossom Capers, I figured I’d try it. (I’ll definitely be on the lookout now for Lynette Sowell and Frances Devine, because their stories were great, too!)

Of course it tipped me over the edge when I read that all the stories were set in Washington, D.C., the place where my husband and I met twenty-seven years ago this summer. For me, D.C. will always equal romance. But it was the stories themselves pulled me and wouldn’t let go. 

The first one involved a White House chef and an FBI agent. How could I resist that when my daughter almost has her culinary degree? The second involved two attorneys. Again, right up my alley since I’m married to one! The third story’s heroine worked at Mount Vernon–only one of my favorite historical sites. And the fourth owned a coffee shop and inherited an old house. How could you not like that? 

Add in the fact that every story had it’s own mystery to solve and I thoroughly enjoyed my romantic return to D.C. via the pages of this book. If you’ve never tried a novella collection before, this might be a good one to start with.