Dinner with Friends

My BFF of 20+ years turned 50 this month. A cause for celebration, to be sure. So I coordinated with her husband and mine and managed to find a time for the four of us to have dinner together.

That might not sound like a birthday-worthy feat, but I assure you, it was. A few years ago, they moved about an hour away, out into the the country. That after us having lived next door to each other for eight years and just a few streets apart for many years before that! And while my friend and I have continued to meet in the city for lunch most weeks, the four of us hadn’t had dinner together in, well, years.

When our children were small, we had dinner together every Tuesday night. We’d eat, clean up, put all the kids to bed at whoever’s house we were at, then the guys would usually go pick up ice cream and we’d sit around and talk. We did that for several years. After our kids got older (and busier), the four of us didn’t have dinner together as consistently, but we still managed it fairly regularly.

Then we had teens. And young adults. And life got crazy. And moves happened. And, well, here we were, not having all been together for way too long. We ate. We talked. We laughed. We remembered how much we missed each other’s company. And we determined to get together more often.

I’m so thankful for friends that remain friends even when the years intervene. Aren’t you?

8 comments on “Dinner with Friends

  1. And the test of true friends (like the BFF you write about) is that the friendship endures in spite of not being in close proximity. I let far too many relationships go by the wayside because we aren’t able to see one another on a regular basis. I see your post as a reminder and a challenge to do that. Thank you!

    • Technology has at least made it a bit easier to reconnect and remain connected with those far away, but like you, I’ve let too many of those relationships fall by the wayside.

    • You made me cry, Becky! Yes, you are one of those friends for me, too. I love, love, love that the Lord reconnected us after so many years!

  2. ABSOLUTELY! I met my BFF my very first day of college 19 years ago. Through marriages, divorces, international moves, job losses, betrayals by other friends, and more, we have remained inseparable. I am so grateful God gave her to me! 🙂

    • Those are the absolute best friends! I so blessed to have several of those in my life. So glad you have yours! Such a gift from the Lord. 🙂

    • Those friendships are the best! And yes, crazy continues, although some things get better when they drive. And some things get, well, crazier. 🙂

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