Exercising My Non-Fiction Muscles

I finished and sent an 800-word non-fiction article last night. It is my first requested article from a query letter. (Let’s be clear here. NOT my first query letter!)

I’m not really a non-fiction girl, so this was definitely a challenge. My first draft came in at 1300 words! With the help of my critique group, I pared it down to 798 to met the requested length of 800 words. It felt so bare bones. (“Just the facts, ma’am,” as Joe Friday would say.) My example stories only received a few sentences instead of the paragraphs I had originally spun out.

But it was a good exercise, whether or not it gets accepted. I learned I CAN write non-fiction—at least I can when I have a good story idea and a request from an editor! I learned I CAN write sparingly but without losing the heart of the article. And I learned I CAN make time in my busy life to do what needs to be done.

I needed that encouragement in my writing life—even if this article never sees publication.

3 comments on “Exercising My Non-Fiction Muscles

  1. I’m pulling for you D’Ann. All those writing credits count. Now for something else that our mutual friend (hi Mary!) started, I’ve tagged you for the 10-20-30! Let the virus begin! Check it out at Carla’s Writing Cafe (www.carlastewart.blogspot.com). A great way to get to know our fellow bloggers better. Onward and upward!

  2. D’Ann,
    Amazing that you’ve just finished a non-fiction project. I’ve just sent off a non-fiction article in response to a positive query letter, also. Great minds…and all that. Hope your submission meets with great success.

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