Fall Releases!

It’s almost fall and you know what that means! Yes, we get back on school schedules (thank heaven!), but it also means a new slew of books to be released! Here are some I’m really looking forward to reading. Maybe you’ll find a few for your wish list, too.

Band of Sisters

I love Cathy Gohlke’s books. I especially love that this cover is (or at least looks like!) an old photo!

The Girl in the Glass

I love the way Susan Meissner weaves a modern day story with a historical story. This one is Florence, Italy. Can’t wait!

No Safe Harbor

Really looking forward to this historical suspense set in late 19th century NYC!

Against the Tide

Do you remember Bane, the villain who was redeemed inĀ The Lady of Bolton Hill? Against the TideĀ is more of Bane’s story! He’s a great character and Elizabeth is a great storyteller, so it should be awesome!

Courting Cate

Confession time: I’ve never read an amish novel. Never. But this one intrigued me so much I’ve already ordered it. You might recognize the storyline. Yep, Amish meets Shakespeare.

Love's Reckoning

Isn’t the cover beautiful? And Laura’s writing is beautiful, too.

With Every Letter

Just read my first Sarah Sundin novel a few days ago. Great WWII stories!

Flight of Fancy

Ah, Regency! My favorite! And Laurie Alice always tells a tale well!

Unending Devotion

Jody is another author that never fails to deliver. Can’t wait to read this girl’s story!

So there you go! Not an exhaustive list, by any means, just some of the ones on my radar right now. Check your favorite bookseller site for release dates, but I believe these are all Sept. 1 or later. There are more good books coming out after the first of the year, but this will get you through til Christmas! Enjoy!

6 comments on “Fall Releases!

  1. Anne, Oh, love this cover love:) Thanks so much for including mine. Rel has some new ones up as well, some I haven’t seen. And so do you! I feel behind right now though my book stack keeps growing….argh. Give thanks in all things, I guess! Hope you’re doing well!

    • Rel’s were great, too! It makes me a little frantic, though, to see the new covers for 2013 when there are so still many coming in 2012! And yes, you’ll always be included in my cover love! Will miss meeting you in Sept!

  2. Oooh, thank you for the heads-up. These look great! Like you, I have so many books marked “to read” that I may never get through them all. (Doesn’t stop me from adding, though. I may have a problem.)

    Have a beautiful day!

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