Frenzied Homecoming


It’s harder than I thought to come home from a trip and get ready to leave again a week later. At least in my life it’s hard. The week home is filled with football games and getting cell phones fixed and leading Moms in Touch and driving a Meals on Wheels route and finishing and printing one sheets and. . . and . . . and!

But New York was great. We saw three musicals, ate at Bobby Flay’s restaurant, decided that Junior’s really does have the best cheesecake in New York, walked until our feet hurt, rode the subway, took lots of pictures, and generally enjoyed ourselves—while my poor husband worked! The Culinary Institute of America was so impressive. Like a real college—a great campus and dorms and lots of social activities. I could see her there. And riding the train to get there was a very fun experience, too.

Now my focus in on the ACFW Conference which begins on Thursday. No rest for the weary!

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  1. You just got back from New York, I just returned from DC, and here we are with ACFW facing us. Wouldn’t you like to declare a “time-out” to just catch your breath?
    See you there.

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