Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson

Free Kindle books work as a marketing tool. Why do I know this? Well, several weeks ago I downloaded for free Lisa Samson’s YA title Hollywood Nobody. Now, I love Lisa Samson’s books. And I love YA books. So I figured this would be a great read. And it was. I absolutely loved this book. But here’s the catch: it was the first of a four book series!
When I finished Hollywood Nobody while accompanying my husband on a business trip, I immediately downloaded Finding Hollywood Nobody. By the time we got home, I’d finished it, too. Life intervened, but when I was about to hop a plane for another trip, I thought about what I’d want to read. Yes, my Kindle is full of books (mostly free downloads!), but I wanted to know what happened to Scotty and Charley on their crazy life on the road. So I downloaded book three: Romancing Hollywood Nobody. I finished it in the airport between flights. By now there was no turning back. Good-bye Hollywood Nobody zipped through the air and onto my Kindle.
So there you go. One free book led to my purchase of three more. If you like YA, if you like Lisa Samson—if you like a well-told story full of quirky characters, laugh-out-loud humor and punch-you-in-the-gut spiritual truth, pick up the Hollywood Nobody series. I really think you’ll like it.
Have you ever bought an author’s book after being introduced to that author or that series through a free book (a download or a gift)? Tell us!