I Just Can’t Watch

I don’t remember being this squeamish when I was younger. Now, almost anything that smacks of personal conflict makes my stomach curl into a lead ball. Maybe it was all those years of raising kids, mediating disputes. Maybe it was working through my own personal issues that included raging arguments that never seemed resolved. Whatever the case, it comes down to this: I just can’t watch political debates.

What does this mean, exactly? I have no idea. I just kind of felt like I needed to admit it out loud.

Lest you draw back in horror, be assured that this is not from any sort of lethargy about the political process. I’m informed. I read. I ask questions. I occasionally listen to the political pundits. I’ll even check facebook and twitter during the debates to get an idea of what’s happening. And I vote. Always. But I cannot stand to see the candidates for any office go face-to-face. The conflict–even polite conflict–makes me sick.

So tell me now–am I the only one? Do you revel in the debates? Do you just pretend you watched? Or, like me, are you in a complete other room on the computer or reading a book? Inquiring minds want to know!

4 comments on “I Just Can’t Watch

  1. While I enjoy a little conflict, especially in books and movies, political conflict makes me crazy. It goes hand in hand with religious difference. Either of those topics gives me an overwhelming sense of sadness and/or fear and/or vulnerability. As far as politics go, I stay informed only enough to cast my vote, and I ignore the rest. Call me pessimistic, but lately I fear no matter what the people vote, the “powers that be” will warp the data so they come out ahead. (But you can be certain I’ll vote anyway!)

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