In the Midst of the Chaos . . .

In the midst of the craziness of basketball games, Christmas parties and general life, my computer died. Kaput. Gone. In a moment. We rushed (as much as you can rush in December Friday night traffic in a major city near a mall!) to the Apple store, hoping the Genius there would be able to revive my five year old white macbook. The one with the cracking case and the swollen battery. The one I’ve known I would have to replace in the near future. I just hadn’t counted on the near future being now.

So when we got the news that the hard drive was dead and its information only retrievable with much time and many hundreds of dollars, I pulled the trigger and replaced it with a Macbook Pro. I’m thrilled with my new computer, but even more thrilled that I’ve listened to those voices over the years that have screamed, “Back up! Back up! Back up!”

Yep, between Evernote, Time Machine manual backups to a hard drive and Mozy automatic backups offsite, I managed to reconstruct everything! The only thing I’m waiting on now are two “keys” for programs I bought several years ago but have to be re-registered on the new device. If only those two weren’t my writing program and my money program! I use both of those almost every day! But I’m hoping to hear back very soon and even that will be A-okay.

I’m thankful that, as so often happens, I had the money, though it was earmarked for another upcoming bill. Now we’ll see how the Lord will meet that one. Because He always does. Now if this computer will just last the five years it will take to get all the kids through college . . .

3 comments on “In the Midst of the Chaos . . .

  1. We had a plumber at our house last week using a drill. Had no idea what a plumber needs a drill for, but anyway, the visit put us out a nice penny before the holidays. These crazy life kaputs. Glad you had back up and you now have a new computer.

    • Wendy, I’ll never forget the year we met all of our deductibles in December–homeowners (complete redo of A/C duct work), health (son’s emergency appendectomy), auto (two separate accidents that totalled one of our vehicles). Christmas was quite lean. But, as Anne says, we saw God provide. He takes care of our every NEED.

      • Yep. I’m learning those kaputs come in our lives to remind us God provides. Not fun, to be sure. But He promises “enough” not wish lists. Although occasionally the two collide: like in my computer. 🙂

        Plumbers are no fun. 🙁

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