It’s a Season

Just a season. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Not the holiday season.

Or basketball season.

Not the flu season or the season of the year.

It’s a life season. Perhaps you know the one. It’s the all-of-my-kids-are-busy-and-none-of-them-can-drive season. I haven’t felt this discombobulated since all three were in the toddler-preschool years! I know part of my frustration is coming to an end soon—four months, to be exact, when we go from 15, 13, 12 to 16, 14, 12. But that doesn’t help me now.

Even moving closer to school, I feel like my days are spent running here, there, and everywhere. I keep reminding myself that when your kids are close in age, this happens. At least I’m not dragging a little one around while I do it!

The real problem is it cuts into my writing time. And I do know which is more important—so I drive. But I get restless inside after days of not writing. I feel jittery and anxious. Nothing a day with my characters wouldn’t fix, but when?

So I have high hopes for Thanksgiving week. No school. No sports practices. Amidst a doctor’s appointment on Monday, a birthday party on Monday/Tuesday, cooking for Thanksgiving on Wednesday, eating and visiting with family for Thanksgiving on Thursday, and a football playoff game on Saturday, maybe I can manage to put words on the page.

Or not.

2 comments on “It’s a Season

  1. I write a lot while I do dishes, and in the shower, and in the car, and in my dreams. Which is to say that I’m constantly sharpening my memory, because I have to hold it all in my head until I get those sweet “alone” moments. Mostly, this happens on Saturdays, when my husband takes the kids out for the day. Hubbie help is good. 🙂

  2. D’Ann,
    Years ago, my oldest son introduced me to Steven Covey’s book on secrets of highly successful people. One of the secrets I still remember is “sharpen the saw.” Don’t beat yourself up, allow yourself to be refreshed by the season. Take some time off this week to enjoy your family. I guarantee that when you get back to your writing, your characters will be there, anxious to tell you what’s been happening in their lives and happy that you’re back to write it all down.
    Blessings. Give thanks.

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