Just a Few More Days

Saturday was supposed to be the end of our bathroom remodel. I was going to take pictures, create a cool before/after collage to post and relax. But it was not to be. Right at the end, literally the very end, we had an issue with the old sink plumbing while trying to hook up the new fixtures. Thankfully, there is now tile on the bathroom floors and in the closet, for there was water everywhere! It will require a plumber to take care of the issue, and thus a few more days until the bathroom is truly “done.” At least we can use most of it. And the upside is that we are scheduling the plumber to also take care of a couple of other things in the other bathrooms that we’ve been putting off in order to save trip charges. So that’s good, I guess.

I know I should be grateful. The fact is that there was so much in this old house that could have gone wrong and didn’t. Another few days won’t matter. As long as everything is finished by the time my graduation house guests arrive!

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