Just Enough

So I’m almost halfway through my Bible study on walking with God through the desert. I haven’t been able to watch any of the videos yet, but just the reading has been incredibly convicting. Mostly what I’ve gleaned from this examination of scripture is that God often provides just enough to get us through each day–especially when we are in hard times that we associate with desert travel.

The thing that has impressed itself on me in this is how much I whine for things I must not really need, for they are not what the Lord provides. I’m not any different than the children of Israel grumbling for meat when God has already provided bread. I just convince myself I am in greater need of what I want than they were. Rarely does that prove true.

Like the Israelites, I tend to want abundance, not “just enough.” But God has so much to teach me in just enough. Just enough keeps me humble. Just enough keeps me living in each day. Just enough keeps me dependent on Him. Just enough makes me appreciate abundance when it comes. Just enough isn’t always fun, but just enough bears fruit in abundance. Eternal abundance. And in the end, that’s what I truly desire, even if my flesh whines for more.

4 comments on “Just Enough

  1. This is seriously the third thing about whining and complaining I’ve read/heard today! First it was during my quiet time this morning. Then during our morning devotional at work (a perk of working for a Christ-centered ministry) and now reading your post. I think God is saying something to me…

    And throughout the morning, I think he’s getting through to me just how seriously he takes complaining…

    And just how much he IS…you’re so right…he is enough…always. And I want to learn to be a person who really can be content His version of enough instead of my version of abundance.

    • I’m right there with you, Melissa! Like you, the Holy Spirit keeps nudging me with the same thing over and over, so I know I have to sit up and take notice!

  2. I’m going to be thinking of this on an emotional level today. I think I tend to contemplate this with things…stuff often enough, but I don’t look at it through a relationship lens. Going to toss this one around today.

    • I agree, Wendy. I think we trust God’s “Just enough” sufficiency more in the physical realm than the emotional one, but I think He means us to trust HIs provision in both places.

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