Lazy Days of Summer–Well, Not Really

In my mind, summer means lazy days. No schedule. Lots of sunshine and blue sky and water to cool you in the heat. It means feasting on grilled food and indulging in sumptuous fruit, enjoying the company of good books, family, and friends.

In reality, I’ve moved to a season in my life where summer only means a few more mouths in the house to feed, all of us on a different schedule of work and play. So with a writers conference to teach at next weekend, a 50th anniversary trip to go on with my parents, and much revision work to be done on my 2014 book, I’ve decided to implement a new summer blogging schedule, mostly in hopes that in between work and travel I’ll be able to find some of those lazy moments, the ones where I chat with a friend by a pool or lose myself in a novel. Starting this week, I’ll blog on Mondays and Thursdays, with my usual Sunday Psalm graphic appearing on Sundays. (Because making those are too much fun!) I hope you’ll join me in your occasional stolen moments of summertime bliss!

4 comments on “Lazy Days of Summer–Well, Not Really

    • You are too sweet, Wendy! I’m not sure I’m terribly good at teaching yet, but I’m following where God leads! At least it’s a mentoring situation vs. a lecturing one! Yes, the trip should be fun–only the sibling and spouses going along, none of the grandkids! Hope your summer is a memory-making one!

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