LIfe in Defiance by Mary DeMuth

I always look forward to receiving my copy of Mary DeMuth’s latest book. But while her hard yet redemptive stories grip my heart, I find an even more personal joy in discovering how the book has changed and grown and deepened since my reading of the early manuscript.
Life in Defiance is no exception. If you are familiar with the previous two books in this trilogy, Daisy Chain (currently nominated for a Christy award) and A Slow Burn, you will know that each book is told from a different character’s point of view while keeping a continuous time line of events surrounding the disappearance and murder of Daisy Chance. In book one, the girl disappears. In book two, we discover she has indeed been murdered. In book three, the truth finally comes to light. But this book is about more than solving a mystery. It is about a character’s journey to understanding God and herself.
Ouisie Pepper’s tale will tear your heart out as you read. Now that is not generally what I look for in fiction (I’m really an escapist by nature!) but reading such a story, even if not on a regular basis, changes me. Through Ouisie’s words, I remember that people’s lives are not always what they seem to be on the outside. I realize that heartache and tragedy can be masked over to the general public. I understand that being a friend—one who boldly lives to love Jesus, however imperfectly—can often be the only lifeline a person has as they grasp at faith in difficult circumstances.
Yes, questions about Daisy are finally answered. But in the end, that isn’t what satisfies. What satisfies is seeing a picture of God meeting us where we are, of Him wooing our hearts, of His all-sufficient grace.
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4 comments on “LIfe in Defiance by Mary DeMuth

  1. Thanks, Carla and Patti, for stopping by, but also for your kind words! You are two lovely ladies!

  2. D'Ann, glad to read reviews of Mary's latest!

    So cool to know that you had a part in her book–and have a part in her life!

    Like this blog!

  3. D'Ann, what a lovely review. Mary's books aren't always easy to read for the subject matter, but her passion for truth and her love of Jesus shines through. And the prose is always exquisite. I haven't read this last book yet. Hoping to remedy that soon.

    D'Ann, I've probably told you before, but your blog is just gorgeous. It fits you so perfectly and makes me yearn to see you again. Hopefully soon.

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