Lost and Found

This is how frazzled I’ve been lately:

Last night I changed out of my jeans and into my workout clothes to go walk while my son took his piano lesson. This morning, I woke up, tired and cold, and looked for my jeans on the floor of my closet. They weren’t there. The top I wore yesterday was there, but not the jeans.

Perhaps I had folded them and put them back in their place. I looked up to the top shelf. Only one pair of jeans, not two, met my eye. I frowned, picked up several things on my closet floor. Still no jeans. Finally, I put on the folded pair to run to my Moms In Touch prayer time.

But the mystery still niggled at me. Where could those jeans have gone? They weren’t in the laundry basket. They weren’t under my bed. They weren’t in my closet. The only time I’ve had something go missing that I knew I put on the floor was years ago when we lived in apartment with rats and my kitchen towel went from the middle of the kitchen floor to underneath the water heater. Yuck!

But no rat could be big enough to drag off a pair of jeans! The dog? Perhaps. But she’d never done anything like that before.

I couldn’t shake the irritation of not knowing where those jeans went. After all, I only have the two pair. I came home at lunchtime in a frenzy of determination to find my jeans. I knew they couldn’t have grown feet and walked off, as I so often remind my children. I searched high and low, finally tossing aside the purple throw crumpled in the middle of the love seat in my bedroom.

Wa-la! My jeans! Then I remembered: in anticipation of the cold morning, I had placed my jeans in my room (as opposed to my cold closet) under the blanket so they would be somewhat warm when I put them on in the morning.

Too, too many things to keep track of in my head right now. I guess cold jeans I can find are better than warm jeans I can’t!

3 comments on “Lost and Found

  1. Carla–hope that birth certificate turns up!

    Richard–opening scene for a novel? Hmm. Might be a good one!

    Now that my kids’ semester exams are over, things should settle down–at least as much as possible until basketball season is over!

  2. It is indeed a hectic day when you can’t find your pants. Doesn’t that sound like an opening scene for a novel?

  3. This made me laugh. Not at you, but at life in general. How many times have I done things just like that–put something where I knew I’d remember it and not having a clue when I really needed it.
    BTW, my youngest son’s birth certificate is missing right now. My dh says it’s not in the safe with our important papers. I’ve looked in all of his college papers that I keep together and can’t find it. My son is looking through his things. He wants to apply for a passport, but it looks like he’s going to have to apply for a new birth certificate first. I’m sure as soon as he does, it will turn up.
    Hope your weekend is less frazzled!

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