Meet Stacy of Chick Lingo–And Win Prizes!

I’m so excited today to get to tell you about a fun company and its founder—and to offer THREE really cool giveaways!
Stacy Tomisser is the founder of The Painted Word, a manufacturing company that sells decorative wooden signs to gift stores and has just launched a new online store,, to sell her products, too. I have been pleased to be on both the receiving and the giving end of her products. They are so fun!
Let’s meet Stacy:
So glad to have you here, Stacy. Could you give us a brief history of The Painted Word?
The Painted Word is our wholesale manufacturing company.  About ten years ago I began making decorative signs for my home and for friends, just for fun. I have always loved words, sayings and quotes and I wanted to decorate with them. But at that point there wasn’t much available in my colors so I created what I couldn’t find. Eventually I showed what I was making to a friend who owned a boutique and she loved them and made an order. A very long (juicy) story short – it blossomed into a manufacturing company.  My husband decided to leave his career to come take this on, we hired a handful of wonderful people and here we are, by the grace of God, still standing.
I love that story! So after a few years of wholesale, how did the Chick Lingo online store come into being?
Chick Lingo came about after a long and lively conversation with my fabulous mother-in-law, Jan. She said “Why don’t we open an online store with all of your decorative signs and frames?” (from The Painted Word – she and Jim’s dad are our business partners in both companies.) I loved the idea of having a retail store filled with my products as well as other things that women would love. Our niche would be products with words, quotes, sayings – I love words! In addition to decorative signs and frames we would also include jewelry, mommy necklaces, etc.  And we needed a name that was different and fun but also described what we are selling: voila! Chick Lingo!
Very fun name! So your family is all involved in the business and I know you often work from home. Do you have one fabulous secret to juggling an at home business and your family?
I don’t really have one secret – though I wish I did because that would sound really cool! I guess if I were to pass on some advice it would be learn to step away from the business, computer and phone – unplug sooner than later. It’s easier said than done but the work will always be here, my children won’t. The balancing act doesn’t get any easier, but I’ve become more creative in how I balance it all because my family means the world to me…they are my motivation to make it all work.
Shoot! I was hoping to find out that one thing that makes it all work! Ok, so to follow up on that, on your craziest days, what do usually end up feeding your family for dinner?
Well on my craziest days I usually make a phone call and have dinner delivered. Sad but true!  But if I know I am going to have a crazy busy day I usually put on a pot of something delicious in the morning.  It’s those unexpected crazy days that can throw me for a loop!
I completely understand! So, back to business. What is your favorite product you’ve ever created?
I love everything that has the “You are my sunshine” lyric on it – I sang it to all of my babies.

Any last words about why you love what you do (because I know you do!)? 
I love being creative, meeting fascinating people, making others smile, hearing someone’s story, learning something difficult and new, it’s all a gift. I feel God’s pleasure when I dream up something new, am kind to a customer or tuck one of my kids in bed.  All my work, as an entrepreneur, mom or homemaker is ultimately for His glory and that makes me truly love what I do.
So isn’t Stacy awesome? Check out her store at but be sure to leave a comment (and email address!) to be entered to win one of the fabulous signs or picture frame pictured in this blog post. Yes—THREE winners will be chosen!
Leave your comment by Monday, Sept. 20 at midnight CST. I’ll draw three names from those leaving comments and announce the winners here on Tuesday!

12 comments on “Meet Stacy of Chick Lingo–And Win Prizes!

  1. What gorgeous signs! I had never heard of her or the site before today and now that I have, I just can't stop browsing. What a fun and unique gift these would be for a wedding, housewarming, baby, etc.

  2. Almost didn't read the post because of the word "chick" in the title. (Sorry, it's a man thing). But I did, and I love the work Stacy does. We'll have a family wedding in a few days, and a sign reminding that the new home should include God's presence would be great.

  3. I love "word signs" in general, but I especially like "You are my sunshine…." because my father used to sing that when I was little. He died when I was 16 and that is one of my very special memories of him. I want to check out "chicklingo" and see what else she has. How wonderful to have a home business that you really love!

  4. I just browsed through all the signs on the site and I'm in awe. Here's why: A young friend of mine, age 31 and the daughter of a very dear friend, died this summer. She'd been married 12 years and had 4 beautiful kids. I'd never been in her new house, but when I arrived to comfort her mother, I was amazed at all the beautiful word signs throughout the home. My favorite, and the one that was SO like Kelly, was "All This Because Two People Fell In Love." Kelly and Julian lived those words.

  5. That was a great interview, the stuff looks really fun! Being back in the states for Christmas with the Rays who still buy for everyone, this helps give me some ideas!

  6. Thanks for the comments, everyone! Tell you friends and keep them coming!

    My favorite is the "moments" sign. Of course the one I have above the door of the library in my house is about "the sweet serenity of books"!

  7. Praise God for using our desires He gave us to bless others. I loved the "You are my Sunshine" frame. I also sang that song all the time to all 3 of my babies. Thank you for awakening that ever so special memory.

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