Moaning and Groaning

I really didn’t mean to torture myself. I knew the week after my writing frenzy, I’d need to catch up on things like laundry and grocery shopping and doctor’s appointments, etc. No writing allowed. So I did the next best thing—I picked up a writing book to read between times.

Big mistake.

NEVER read a writing book right after you’ve sent off a manuscript! I’ve moaned and groaned my way through Sol Stein’s How to Grow a Novel as the deficiencies of my sent story become clear. I found myself lamenting “if only.”

But alas, the deed is done. I must take a deep breath and begin work on another story, this time taking into account the things I’ve both learned and been reminded of as I read on writing. Every story gets stronger—at least that’s the goal. I want my final work to be eons above my first one.

It’s a more “normal” week at my house. Time to get back into routine. Time to pound out words on another story. Explore other characters. See what the Lord has for me to learn this time around—about writing, about myself, about Him.

2 comments on “Moaning and Groaning

  1. D’Ann,
    You have a typical syndrome, seeing all the mistakes you made in a manuscript when you read a writing book. We see it in medicine all the time. Medical students develop the symptoms of the disease they are studying. It’s really a lot of fun about the second week they’re on obstetrics.
    Read for fun for a while. Let the textbooks rest.

  2. oh, groan indeed. I’ll be sure not to pick up that book after I am finished with this next one. I have SO much to learn!!!

    Have fun with your laundry!

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