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Last week kicked off another year of Moms in Prayer (formerly Moms in Touch). I’ve been participating in groups since my oldest went to first grade, back in the fall of 1998. Many, many weeks it was just me and one other mom lifting our children and our school before the throne of grace. But no matter the numbers. No matter if I was a member or a leader. No matter if we prayed in a home or a car or a room in our Christian school. Prayers were heard. And answered. More than I can count.

This is my final year of being so connected to a school I’m praying for. College is different. Praying for college kids is different. So my biggest prayer for this year is to know that when I leave the group I’ve loved for the past eleven years, it will be a thriving, vibrant group of faith-filled moms who understand that prayer changes things. And that most often, those things are us.

If you don’t know the ministry of Moms in Prayer, click HERE for a quick video introduction.

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    • I love hearing that Susie! Keep it up, especially now! I have found a college group, which is a bit more hit and miss since we moms are in a freer stage of life, but I still get so much encouragement praying with them even for my “almost grown” kiddos!

  1. Amen to that! Great post, Anne! Last year was my first year in public school…high school. There were only 2 of us the whole year. The Lord blessed us so much, first by bringing two mom’s with very similar prayer needs together and then by answering many prayers! Love Mom’s in Prayer!

    • I love hearing testimonies of how God has worked through Moms in Prayer, Karen! It was literally my lifeline so many weeks. I still love the ladies who prayed me and my child through difficult times. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that God never “randomly” connects people to pray. So encouraging to hear your story verifies that, too! Keep on praying! 🙂

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