More Than I Ever Imagined

Once upon a time there was a little girl loved books. She read all the time, eventually longing to write books herself. She continued to read and scribble away all the years she was in school. She married, had children, escaped into books–reading, not writing. Life, being life, eventually forced her to confront some festering issues of her heart. Jesus became more real to her than ever before. She learned to read and love His word and desired to bring all her dreams and actions under submission to His will.

Then a funny thing happened: that desire to write resurrected. And it came back with a vengeance! She started taking classes, working on stories, attending writers conferences, reading books, submitting to agents and editors, accepting rejections. Ten long years she worked, growing to a place of accepting whatever the Lord had planned for her words.

But all that time, there were a few things that her heart longed for, even as she placed them on the altar of worship before the Lord. She wanted to write historical fiction. She dreamed of being published by a large publishing house. And she wanted to be represented by a high-caliber agent.

A couple of names came to mind in terms of publishing houses and agents, but she never could bring herself to talk with or submit to them at conferences. They were too lofty, too far out of reach for someone like her. But as she worked and waited, God created a different plan than the one that appeared on the surface to the girl.

One of the most prestigious houses for Christian historical fiction–Bethany House–offered her a two-book contract after reading her work in a contest. Then they offered another. She still had no agent, but she felt the whisper of the Holy Spirit say be patient, let me lead. Humbled and amazed, she obediently walked forward along the new path, albeit with trembling legs.

Three years later, after a serendipitous and spontaneous conversation at a conference in the fall, followed by a spring trip planned a year earlier to a divinely orchestrated destination, the girl again found herself humbled and amazed by God’s plan. An agent long known for his knowledge and integrity penned his name along with hers on a contract of representation.

Yes, I am that girl, the one very pleased to announce that I am now represented by Steve Laube of the Steve Laube Agency. Even as I type these words tears well in my eyes and my only desire is to drop to my knees in inexpressible awe and gratitude to a God who continues to give me more than I ever imagined.


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  1. Anne, celebrating with you! I knew I saw this somewhere and can’t remember if I told you congratulations or not. My apologies for being late. I. Am. So. Happy. For. You!

  2. So excited for you and can’t wait to hear more of the full story face to face this summer!!!!

    I use your story lots when talking to moms of little ones who wonder if all they will do is change diapers!

    You have been an amazing example of one who was faithful in what the Lord called them to in each season and it has been awesome to see Him bring these dreams to life!!!

  3. Congratulations, Anne!!! I’m really glad you got an agent so I can enjoy more of your lovely Christian historical fiction! 😀

    • I hope you are encouraged, Wendy! Wait on the Lord. His plans for you are so much better than your own!

  4. I remember some of the earlier writing times, the acceptance of the idea that perhaps you were to write out of obedience, even if never published. So thankful for your blessings from our faithful God for your faithful service!

    • It’s amazing how when you really do completely surrender something to Him He so often gives it back in ways you never imagined! Thanks for reminding me of those earlier days!

    • You are so sweet, Marie! I truly thought it would never, ever happen–and certainly not like this! God is very good.

    • I agree! We’re all quite blessed. You realize we’re the envy of many writers–to have each other to pray, champion, cheerlead, mop up, ETC.–who long for that kind of nurturing relationship. Couldn’t be happier that this VERY GOOD THING has happened in your life my sweet friend!

  5. Congratulations, Anne. You were faithful and worked hard and the Lord worked in exciting ways!

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