Now I Want an ipad!

I wasn’t quick to jump on the iphone bandwagon. In fact, my husband finally had to insist. Now I love my iphone.

When the ipad came out, I thought very cool but that didn’t translate into a willingness to spend the money. I wasn’t sure it would be worth it in the sense of productive things I could do with it. I had my phone and my laptop, what more did I need?

Hubby got his ipad a few months ago. He raves about it for ease in traveling and for most of his work-related tasks. Except one. Editing. For both of us, editing is a huge part of what we do. There is no “track changes” function on the ipad. At least for now.

But this weekend changed all that for us. I wanted him to read my revised manuscript. He wanted to do it on his ipad, but he wanted to mark it up. After mulling it over, he decided to try a paid app called iannotate. From what he’d read, this app would open a PDF file and allow you to make notes. Ten dollars didn’t leave his pocket easily, but he finally succumbed. After he did, we both feel in love.

In. Love.

Not only can you highlight and type notes, you can actually write on the document with your finger or a stylus. In other words, it is just like marking up a hard copy of the document! In my book, that’s even better than track changes! (The image is a screenshot of a document marked using the app.)

I will need a new computer soon, mostly because the case on my 5 year old white macbook is literally cracking to pieces. I’d been wanting to get a Macbook Air as the replacement.

Now I want an ipad.

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  1. I’m slow to adopt new gadgets too. Specifically, I’ve been ignoring the ipad because I know if I were to look too closely, I’d want it. Someday…

    • I know what you mean. I’ve really avoided playing with hubby’s, but when he showed me this new app, I fell hopelessly in love!

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