Oops! Missed Monday. Here’s Why.

Usually I’m really good about getting my blog posts written and scheduled before I go traveling. But after 6 solid weeks of crazy-busy I fell behind–then hopped on a plane.

I love that I get to travel with my husband when he goes on extended business trips to fun places. Like Napa, California. Just a long weekend, but a weekend of beautiful weather and interesting people. And history. Anytime I can get a little history in on our travels it is a good trip!

And so I missed my usual Monday post this week. To make up for it, I’ll leave you with a few of pictures from my weekend. (And yes, I do realize I neglected to get any pictures of those beautiful rows upon rows of grapevines. Sigh.)

Napa, CA


Napa River


historic home - Napa, CA

Sutter's Fort

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