Overlapping Generations

Did you know that Abraham was still alive when Jacob and Esau were born? For some reason I just realized that today. Check out out Genesis 25. Isaac was born when Abraham was 100 years old. (Gen. 21:5) Jacob and Esau were born to Isaac when he was 60 years old. (Gen. 25:26). Abraham died at 175 years old. (Gen. 25:7) Therefore, Abraham lived until Jacob and Esau were 15 or so. I guess I just assumed since we were told of Abraham’s death before Jacob and Esau’s birth that they happened in that order. I hadn’t taken the time to do the math!

Why is this significant? I have no idea. I just find it interesting to imagine young Jacob and Esau interacting with their full-of-faith grandfather. 

Have you ever noticed this before? Do you bring your imagination with you when read Scripture?