Reading, Feast or Famine

Sometimes when life gets discombobulated I ignore the chaos and lose myself in books. Or rather, in book after book after book! That happened to me in January of this year. It was awesome. Kind of. Not the discombobulation, but the joy of reading.

On the other hand, sometimes life whirls so out of control that I can’t read anything. I can’t concentrate on the words on the page, let alone the overall story. The characters’ stress too closely mirrors my own chaos and whips it into a greater frenzy. That’s been the story of my February.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t actually¬†stop¬†reading in my “famine” times. I just read so much less than my norm that it feels like a famine. For me, reading is almost like breathing. I have to do it every day. The question is how much every day.

With lots of travel on the schedule for the next 11 weeks, life will definitely be spinning fast and furious. I’ll be out of my element. Off my schedule. Will it result in a reading feast or a reading famine? I have no idea. But I can hope. I can hope that in the midst of upheaval–(even good stuff can be upheaval!)–that I’ll at least be able to enjoy whittling down my ever-massive “to read” shelf of real and virtual books.

So how about you? Do you have feast and famine times in reading or are you able to remain consistent no matter what life throws at you?