Scripted Freedom

Now that the time has come to write my next novel and to read through the various edits required for my first one, along with the occasional freelance editing and the small responsibilities at my kids’ school, I’m finding myself in a new place of faith. Now my “work” is no longer built around personal deadlines, no longer able to be set aside when life crowds in. I knew this would happen. It didn’t take me by surprise. I even understood that it would hurl me into a world of greater communication with and dependence on the Lord.
But I didn’t know it would be so freeing.
In the past few years, I’ve often found myself lying in bed in the early morning hours, before I am even quite fully awake, praying, “Lord, order my day.” And then I lived my day almost whimsically, taking what came, setting aside this to do that. It was good. A place of learning for me. A new place of faith.
These days, I still pray that same prayer, but I’ve added to it. Instead of just “order my day” I hear myself petitioning, “Give me the discipline I need to accomplish the tasks I’ve committed to do.” Talk about a steep new climb! Now it isn’t just about trusting God, it’s also about changing me—my habits, my patterns, my whole lifestyle—to do what He’s given me to do.
My life is more scripted right now, less wiggle room. And yet I feel so incredibly free. How does that happen? I guess it’s just more of the upside down nature of the kingdom of God. All I really know is, I like it!

2 comments on “Scripted Freedom

  1. LOL, Patti! That stuff still happens here, too, although not in the form of Hong Kong exchange students! I guess what I meant was that I've been learning to be more disciplined to catch up on my work afterward (or beforehand!) instead of just skipping over it like before. In other words, not frittering away working moments doing other things or even skipping other things if a week gets hectic.

    I'm guess I'm learning to be diligent and flexible all at once, for no day is the same!

  2. Praise GOD!!! This is so exciting!
    I'm still in the WHAddya doin' today, God?

    Like yesterday was so scripted and then two Hong Kong exchange student friends showed up at the front door at NINE a.m.!

    Scads of green tea and laughs later, I knew it was the right thing. But….only one item got checked off the to-do list!!!


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