Sixty Acres and a Bride by Regina Jennings

Last year, I opened my inbox to an email from someone I didn’t know. She introduced herself and said she’d just signed her first book contract–with Bethany House. She had some questions, which I tried to answer. We corresponded a few times and when she ended up coming to my area with her family while her husband was here on business, we met for lunch. By the time we parted, I felt as if we’d been friends for years. 

Please allow me to introduce you to my friend, Regina Jennings. She blogs at, where, I have to say, she posts some really funny stuff! But today I want to tell you about her debut novel, Sixty Acres and a Bride. 

This was such a good book for so many reasons. For one, it is a Ruth and Boaz story–and is there anyone who doesn’t love that? Add in the whole Texas ranching element and it just gets plain fun. 

Rosa comes to Texas from Mexico with her mother-in-law, both of them widowed when a silver mine in Mexico caved in. But there’s a ranch waiting for them in Texas. And family. Except the ranch has back taxes owed. And the family? They are headed up by a strong and faithful cowboy bent on protecting his land and his kin, but who still blames himself for his wife’s death five years earlier. 

In spite of curtailed reading time due to writing, I found myself itching to pick the book up in spare moments. I was completely captivated by Rosa, the loyal and faithful daughter-in-law straddling two cultures. 

Sixty Acres and a Bride is a fun, quick read that will remind you again how wonderful it is to have a kinsman redeemer, not only to pay the debts out of our reach but also to save us from ourselves.