That Moment

This moment arrives every December—sometimes early, sometimes later. It’s the moment when I know that I know that I must finish my Christmas shopping. This year it came yesterday. I scrapped the to do list and shopped with a frenzy. I’d done a bit here and there, but this was the final push. And it’s done. Now I can relax. Or rather, work. This year relaxing takes a backseat to writing, at least until my children all show up at home again early next week.
So when do you finish shopping? Do you set yourself a deadline? Do you wing it? Do you finish with time to enjoy the anticipation of Christmas or do you scramble until the last available minute?

2 comments on “That Moment

  1. Good for you, Wendy! I did much better at that when my kids were little. Somehow as they've gotten older (and busier) I've found myself running more and more behind–in everything!

  2. I'm one of those weirdos who shops all throughout the year so I won't get too stressed. I do what I have to. 😉
    ~ Wendy

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