The Conundrum of Constant Travel

My husband and I recently returned from a 10-day business trip. It was our 2nd 10-day trip in a span of five weeks. Our 3rd at least week-long trip since Labor Day. I love traveling with him when he has long trips to make for business. But now that I’m away from home at least once a month–sometimes for a long weekend, sometimes for a week or longer–I am growing weary.

What I once thought would be an exciting season of life has become a conundrum:

When I’m home, the “normal” tasks consume my hours (how does that happen?) and I find myself longing to be somewhere else–somewhere without the pressure of grocery shopping and cooking and cleaning and laundry. To be in a hotel room with someone else to make the bed and change the towels. To eat in a restaurant with no cooking and no cleanup. To sleep unencumbered by a never-ending to-do list.

When I’m traveling, I want to be back home–to settle into my routines. My normal. Have my things–like clean clothes or a different pair of shoes!–at my fingertips. Slip into my pjs, curl up in a comfy chair and sit in front of a cozy fire. Not have to “dress” to eat breakfast.

I am living in that in-between place–the going or the coming. Never settled in one or the other.

I must find my peace in this chaos, because I don’t see our travel schedule changing anytime soon. Not with three kids living in three different states and a husband who loves his often-on-the-road job. And while I am thankful that my writing is a portable thing, able to be accessed and accomplished no matter where I am, I wonder how much I can maintain without a set schedule. And so in these waning weeks of 2014, I am pondering and praying and trying new ways to make leaving and coming home less cumbersome, all the while clinging tightly to the words of my God in Proverbs 16:9:

Proverbs 16:9



2 comments on “The Conundrum of Constant Travel

  1. Anne, I understand what you’re saying. In my case, it’s not travel that takes me out of my routine, it’s the things that life keeps throwing at me and my family. Kay and I have learned to accept whatever comes our way each day and adjust our routine accordingly. I still manage to write, but the distractions are there, as I’m sure they are for you.
    You and your husband are both doing God’s work. Blessings as you keep on with it.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Doc. I never imagined the empty nest years would be busier than when the kids were at home! (Or at least it feels that way.) My expectations clashed with reality so I’m left learning to adjust to reality. 🙂

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