The Writing Spa

Who would have thought that seven years ago when two wonderful ladies asked me to be in a weekly critique group with them (a group we named Life Sentence) that it would lead to this.

My dear friend Mary DeMuth, then an unpublished author, now a multi-published one, recently started an editing and mentoring service called The Writing Spa. And as of this month, Leslie Wilson and I are joining her team!

I can officially say that I am a freelance editor. Not a destination I ever imagined for myself, and yet one that seems to fit nicely, like a good pair of shoes. If you are a writer in need of some help, come check out The Writing Spa.

3 comments on “The Writing Spa

  1. Congrats, D'Ann. I'm sure you will be a welcome addition to the popular service Mary provides. All the best!

  2. Hm. Maybe more like the massage that kind of hurts while it's happening but then you feel much better afterward!

  3. D'Ann, Sounds perfect. Of course, the image of a "writing spa" conjures up a mental picture of me reclining in a relaxation grotto, clad in a comfy robe and slippers, waiting for someone to bring me my edits on a tray. That's right, isn't it?
    Seriously, happy for you.

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