To Slow Down, To See, To Rejoice, To Tell

It’s been a crazy fall. How crazy? I have been on the road 40 of the past 120 days. Hubby’s logged even more miles away from home than I have. These have not been vacations but business trips or visiting kids or other family. Now I know there are people that travel much more than this, but for us, who do not usually live at such a pace, it has been discombobulating. Needless to say we are tired and behind.

But Christmas is coming. And this year, that seems to have a different meaning for us. We are looking forward to next week as a respite. A time of rest, reconnection and reflection after four months of being whirling dervishes. And do you know what? I think that’s exactly what God meant on that first Christmas, in the stable. A time to pause. A time to consider. Even, yes, a time to rest from weary travel. All for the purpose of beholding His glory, the Word made flesh to dwell among us. And when we stop to focus our eyes on Him, we cannot help but go forth rejoicing and telling others what we have seen.

To Slow Down, To See, To Rejoice, To Tell Luke 220