Travel with Me

I saw one of the social media challenges about posting pictures of places you’ve been to let us all get out of the house virtually. So I thought I’d post a few fun travel pictures from the past few years for you here to give us all a little taste of the world we are missing–and maybe even spark a few dream destinations for the future! 

I’ve always loved this picture of a garden we wandered through in the Cotswolds in England. (2005)


Jekeyll Island Grand Resort. I’d love to stay there one day! (2017)


I love sprawling old trees! This one is at the Destrehan Plantation in Louisiana. (2013)


New Hampshire’s White Mountains from the porch of the Mountainview Grand Resort. (2014)


The ducks from Make Way for Ducklings in the Boston Public Garden. (2014)

These are just a few of my travel memories. I’m already dreaming out where to go next! 

What are some places you would like to travel when we get the “all clear”?