Twenty Years and Counting

Twenty years ago tonight I walked down the aisle a gangly twenty-year-old. I walked up the aisle a married woman. Back then, our prospects included three years of him in law school, me finishing my final two years of college. Beyond that, we had only dreams of what would be.

Now Jeff has a thriving law practice, I am consistently growing as a writer (my lifelong dream), and we have three great kids who are getting closer to embarking on their own journeys in life. We’ve waded through financial struggles, relationship issues, personal issues, and childrearing difficulties. It hasn’t been easy or perfect, but it’s been good. Good for us individually and good for us as one flesh.

We aren’t breaking the bank to celebrate tonight (we did that when we went to NYC for my 40th birthday this past February!), but we’ll have a nice dinner (with a gift card from Christmas!), we’ll see a play, and we’ll enjoy the love and friendship that has blossomed through twenty years together.

4 comments on “Twenty Years and Counting

  1. Thanks, y’all.

    We had a great time–good food, good conversation, and lots of laughter.

  2. Congratulations, D’Ann and Jeff. In an era when many brides and grooms bring less dedication to maintaining their marriage than they gave to becoming a quarterback or cheerleader, it’s refreshing to see a couple who have stayed the course.

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