Two Awesome Romances

Do you enjoy a good romance? I do! Historical or contemporary, doesn’t matter to me. I just need a hero and heroine I care about and a story that has some deep truths that are explored in the process. Lately I read two good ones I wanted to make sure you know about!




Love's Fortune by Laura Frantz




Laura Frantz is one of those authors that I’ve always enjoyed reading. But in 2012 she started in a new series, The Ballantyne Legacy, and her writing went to a whole new level. Love’s Fortune is the final book in that trilogy and I think it might be the best one, which is saying a lot! I love her use of language, the way she draws such amazingly human characters and how she draws you into a story and won’t let you go until it’s done. If you haven’t read Laura’s books, you should!




Somebody Like You by Beth Vogt



I recently met Beth Vogt, an author I’d heard a lot about. She gave me a copy of her latest contemporary romance, Somebody LikeYou. I started it on our plane ride home and could not put it down! I loved the realness of the characters, how they grappled with themselves and with each other, and that the story took turns I didn’t expect. Somebody Like You is a  wonderfully sweet but deep story that will definitely send me looking for more by Beth Vogt. You should check out her books, too!

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  1. Two wonderful books and two amazing authors – you make a third, Anne!! Thanks for the reviews!!

    Shared post!!

  2. Anne, You’re so very thoughtful – and you write the loveliest reviews! So glad you enjoyed those Ballantynes. I agree with every praiseworthy word about Beth and her books:) Truly a wonderful author who woos me away from my historical rut with pleasure. Bless you and thank you for the wonderful review!

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