Where I Have Been and What’s Up Next

We are a couple of days from the middle of October, people. The middle of October! Where did the last six or so weeks go?

For me, they’ve been spent on the road with hubby, partly to visit our daughter, mostly to do business for him. Eleven days in four cities in September. At least I’ve had a couple of weeks to catch my breath before another travel frenzy.

Kind of.

Much of my time away and my time at home have been spent online publicizing Playing by Heart (sending a huge THANK YOU to all the bloggers who have used their platform to promote my book!),  teaching my online class, and now adding some online publicity for A Cup of Christmas Cheer. (More about that in a minute!) And yes, I’m trying to research a new novel, too. I forget how time consuming that process can be–and how much mental energy it requires!

So what can you expect in this corner of cyberspace over the next couple of months? Of course the big Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt starts on Friday. I hope you’ll participate–meet some new authors and many win some great prizes. And then there will be some posting related to my short story in Guideposts’ Cup of Christmas Cheer, Vol. 4: Heartwarming Tales of Christmas Present. In November, my intention is to do some giveaways to help you with your Christmas gift giving. And of course I’ll continue to post my Sunday Psalm graphics. In spite of the coming chaos of Christmas, I do hope to get back to posting the things I enjoy most in December and onward with a more focused posting schedule by January. I miss the interaction with y’all and I’m itching to get back to it!

Anyway, I wanted you, my faithful readers, to know what I’ve been up to since my blog has been sparse lately. I will return. I promise. But for now I’m trying to be obedient and faithful to do the things in front of me to do.


2 comments on “Where I Have Been and What’s Up Next

  1. Anne, it sounds like you have been very busy. It is hard to believe it is the middle of October. It suddenly seems the seasons are flying by. Before you know it the Christmas season will be here. Of course if you go to some stores you will think it’s already here.lol Have you started working on your next project? I loved Playing By Heart.

    • Yes, Katrina, Christmas is on our heels! I especially feel it as I promote this book of Christmas short stories. Maybe it will help me get on the ball before December! Thank you so much for your kind words about Playing by Heart. I’m researching and thinking through a new story. We’ll see where it goes! 🙂

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