Writing Aerobics

I know all the arguments for consistent aerobic exercise. You’ll have more energy. You’ll lose weight. You’ll be healthier—in body and mind. In fact, I know a woman who is clinically depressed who says if she doesn’t get enough physical exercise, her outlook on life takes a nose dive.

After years of battling my own dark clouds, I have discovered something about myself. It isn’t the physical exercise that bolsters my spirits and gives me energy. It’s the exercise of writing.

When life gets in the way of my words, I sag. I’m learning that even when I rightly put relationships in my life ahead of my writing, I still need some small outlet for my words—whether journaling or blogging, writing a note or an email.

And isn’t that the definition of a writer? Having an innate, God-given urge to put words on a page, whether to instruct or rebuke, encourage or entertain?

Join me in exercising whatever gift God has given you. If you are a writer, enjoy the pleasure it gives the Lord as you write the words He has called you to write for this particular day. And see if you don’t find a lighter spring to your step and a brighter smile on your face.

I do.

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  1. I feel like I’ve run a marathon of words!!! Now if only I could do that with exercise!

    Keep up the writing, friend.

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